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Before you buy slings, first of all, pay attention to what type of cargo you need to lift, or transport. Determine what mass, coating, the location of the center of gravity will be at the load. Also note which grips and end pieces will be more suitable for transporting your cargo. Be careful, because with the wrong type of device, even the best quality slings can break.
Model: kr10
Technical capabilities of the plant materials handling equipment "Vira-service Intermash" allow to make a gantry crane with a maximum capacity up to 5..
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Model: kr09
Gantries timber produced by serial projects are managed and reliable design of the mobile cabin. As the lifting body are: rotating hook, socket grip, ..
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Model: kr06
Jib crane production "Vira-service Intermash" is able to operate at high temperature fluctuations, effectively perform its tasks under any climatic co..
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Model: kr01
Special overhead crane equipped with a spreader beam with flexible and rigid suspension of traverse is designed for lifting operations with a lengthy ..
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